Can You Avoid Falling In Love?

I am not that sort of girl who believes in love at first sight. But, despite that, I do many people claim they fall in love the moment they meet someone. I am not sure how that really works, but I do honestly don’t think we can avoid falling in love. Do London escorts fall in love with their clients? Sure, this happens all of the time and I know many London escorts who have given up good careers because they fell in love.

You may be able to say to yourself that you don’t want to fall in love, but when it happens it happens. I have fallen in love several times with London escorts clients. I can’t say that it has been love at first sight. More than anything, it has been what I call a slow burn. Gradually I have felt myself fall in love with several of my London escorts. As a matter of fact, I believe that you can be in love with several men at the same time. You learn to appreciate that they all have attractive qualities and that is what you love about them.

Why do you fall in love with some men and not others? Let me get this straight. I think that falling in love is a gradual process. At first, I think that you become infatuated with a person. This happens for a variety of reasons. It could be a combination of hormones and other chemicals that make you fall in love with a certain person. I often notice that I pick up on scents from some men more strongly than I do from other men. Other cheap escorts say the same thing. You can smell a gent when he comes in through the door. And guess what, it does not have anything to do with his aftershave at all. Most of the time, it is down to something different.

This is why I think that you can’t avoid falling in love. Since I have been with London escorts, I have come to appreciate that falling in love is as much a physical thing as an emotional thing. The person standing in front of you turns you on thanks to his scent or body odor. It can be hard to explain, but I do know most of my London escorts friends know what I am on about. You simply react to that person’s physical presence in more ways than one.

Can you protect yourself from falling in love? This is the other thing that I have been contemplating a lot. Yes, it is easy to fall in love when you work for a London escorts agency. You meet so many attractive men that it is often hard to resist them. I have tried all sorts ranging from crystals to spells. However, once in a while, I still meet a man who I fall in love with after I got to know him better. It makes you wonder – what is the difference between passion and love.

Client Love.

I swore that I would never fall in love with one of my London escorts clients. Now that it has happened, I simply don’t know what to do. The thing is that I feel a bit silly for doing so. I know that Charles probably has many other commitments, but I can’t stop thinking about him. I have never felt like this about any of my other London escorts. But, the moment Charles walked in through my door, I knew that there was something special about him.

Ever since we met for the first time, I have had a hard time keeping my hands off Charles. He is tall and handsome, and to be honest, he is the only man who has really set me on fire. The moment I saw I knew that I had to have them. Since then, we have been out on numerous London escorts dates and I have found it hard to hide and control my feelings for Charles. Do I wish that things were different? Yes and no, I know of several other local escorts who have fallen in love with their clients and they are not sure about how they really feel.

Is it infatuation? Like all other girls who work for London escorts, I do have a thing about a man in a suit. It is easy to assume that all men who like to date London escorts turn up suited and booted, but that is not true. Many of the men who like to date London escorts do not turn up smartly dressed at all. So, when a man turns up smartly dressed, it makes you look twice at him. That is very much what happened between me and Charles. He looked so dapper that I could hardly take my eyes of him.

Should I tell him? Charles tells me that he has never dated a girl from a London escorts before. He has recently split up with his wife and from what he says, it sounds like he does not want to engage in another relationship at this moment in time. From what I can understand, he is not dating any other London escorts and he says that he does not want to. Call it female intuition if you like, but I think that he has feelings for me as well. Something tells me that we have more in common than meets the eye.

Anyway, I simply can’t stop thinking about him. Last night, I finished my London escorts shift late. When I finally came home, I found it really difficult to sleep. When I finally fell asleep, I ended up dreaming about Charles. I work up about an hour later all hot and sticky. I could not go back to sleep and had to get my favorite vibrator out to help me relax. As I orgasmed really hard, I dreamed that I was in his arms. It was such a strong orgasm that I could have screamed. Normally I can control myself, but Charles makes me feel like I am about to lose complete control any minute. Perhaps we have a special connection after all.

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